System Docker Volumes

System Docker Volumes #

A few services are containers in created state. Their purpose is to provide volumes for other services.

user-volumes #

Provides user accessible persistent storage directories, used by console service:


If you want to change user-volumes, for example, add /etc/kubernetes directory:

$ sudo ros config set  [/home:/home,/opt:/opt,/var/lib/kubelet:/var/lib/kubelet,/etc/kubernetes:/etc/kubernetes]
$ sudo reboot

Please note that after the restart, the new persistence directory can take effect.

container-data-volumes #

Provides docker storage directory, used by console service (and, indirectly, by docker)


command-volumes #

Provides necessary command binaries (read-only), used by system services:


system-volumes #

Provides necessary persistent directories, used by system services:


all-volumes #

Combines all of the above, used by the console service.